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The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon author Mark Poe never thought about being a children’s writer growing up. His dream was to love and care for animals, specifically his friends in the rabbit community.

Along the way, Mark became successful in all sorts of interesting careers. He settled into the print and publishing world as a young man and his company did really, really well. Along the way, Mark became a popular and nationally sought after health care advocate for the care and well-being of rabbits.

Years ago, Mark came up with the idea of a story about young man with a special connection to a world of magic, all revealed through a remarkable rabbit friend. Mark worked on his idea for several years before showing to a collaborative creative team whom he engaged on the idea. And Harry Moon was born. 

In 2014, Mark began a twenty-four book series, The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon providing an engaging storyline and an important message: Anti-bullying, self-acceptance, friendship, responsibility and trust all while teaching children they can be heroes in their own communities by celebrating the differences of others and cultivating kind behavior.  In the fall of 2015, Mark began the eight-book series The Enchanted World of Honey Moon with the wild adventures of Harry’s sister, Honey.

Today, Mark continues to work on the many stories of Harry Moon. Mark lives in suburban Chicago with his wife and his 25 rabbits.