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Partner, Series Creator and Author

Mark has watched his long-held dream of inspiring children become  real through the Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon and Honey Moon book series. From his imagination, networking, and hard work, this series captivates young readers, thrills parents, and excites teachers. It proves once again that nothing shapes character and a life-long love of reading better than a great story.  Mark@harrymoon.org


Chief Revenue Officer & Partner 

Steve grew up in a home full of teachers as his mother was a career High School educator and filled his life with whimsical co-workers that inspired Steve's love for education. Steve has a BS in Marketing from Marquette University and an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School. While he never became a teacher, his love for learning continues through Harry Moon and his emphasis on life lessons and kindness.  Steve@harrymoon.org


Partner and Author

David is a master storyteller. His skill in crafting Harry Moon adven­tures is recent evidence. David is past President of Paramount Studios and Walt Disney Studios. He believes Harry Moon will become a modern classic. Harry Moon and Rabbit are well on their way under David's wise guidance. David continues to mentor great storytellers through the programs at Story Summit



Harry Moon Series Ambassador 

Michael is recognized for his hundreds of film roles including Thelma & Louise, Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Brasco, Free Willy, Species, Kill Bill Volumes I& 2, Wyatt Earp, Sin City and Hateful Eight. He is also known for his philanthropic work for charities and foundations including those involving reading and literacy issues. Harry Moon is thrilled to have Michael spread Harry's message of love, kindness and bravery through personal appearances, social media and Harry Moon book readings.


Director of TV/Radio/Theater Productions  

Ed (no relation to Harry!) is a retired High School drama teacher, mentor and coach. He has worked in theaters his entire career designing sets, auditioning actors and directing award winning plays.  Ed brings his enthusiasm and talent to the book series through his production of our Harry Moon audio drama series  released in 2023.  Ed@harrymoon.org 


Director of Marketing 

Paul founded Family University and has for years advocated for healthy children and families. He is author of The Five Key Habits of Smart Dads, 30 Days to a Smart Family and 40 Ways to Teach Your Child Values. Paul contributes extensively to the Harry Moon series as graphic designer of the books, brand development, marketing collateral and is the webmaster.


Education & Literacy Consultant

Linda is a career teacher and loves watching how the Harry Moon and Honey Moon books thrill children of all ages with the magic of reading. With her certified reading strategies and therapy Maltipoo, "Kim''. Linda is a huge literacy advocate. She holds a BA in Elementary Education and then a Master's degree in Education with a specialization in reading from Northern Illinois University.


Foundation Liaison

Megan believes every child deserves access to the transformative power of both literacy and art. Outside her professional Graphic Design duties, she volunteers her time and expertise, teaching drawing, painting, and sculpting to underprivileged children, helping to ignite their imagination and encourage self-expression through art and literacy.  Megan works with Harry Moon Book's literacy foundation partners to help them bring the magic of Harry Moon to children around the world.


Director of PR and Event Planning

Jimmy consults locally and nationally with corporate and nonprofit organizations, including as ambassador for the Grammy award winning band The Imagine Dragons, including their Tyler Robinson Foundation and the Children's Pediatric Cancer Foundation.  Jimmy@harrymoon.org 


Director of Audio Production

Joshua is a talented actor, writer and composer narrating and producing the Harry Moon and Honey Moon audiobook series. While Joshua manages the marketing and distribution of Harry Moon audiobooks, he is also writing the AudioDrama adaptions released in 2023. Originally from Semmes, AL, he lives in Pompton Lakes, NJ with his wife and son.  Joshua@harrymoon.org