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“wow, my baby finished his very FIRST chapter book and he loved it! 206 pages, I am so impressed and proud!!! Thank you for introducing us to such a wonderful book and amazing characters. He is definitely a #harrymoon fan and moving on to read all about Honey Moon next! @barnesandnoble.”
@rheality22, Instagram Follower
"Great coming of age story for the whole family to enjoy! I have been reading it at bedtime with my 8 year old daughter, she loved it, can't wait for the next book. This blows away Whimpy Kid."
Vincenzo, Amazon Reviewer
Terrific book! My kids love reading about Harry's adventures and look forward to the next book! You go, Harry Moon!
Doglover. Amazon Reviewer
This story was perfect for my 11 year old son, he would bring the book to me telling me I had to hear this, which was basically some of the humor from the book. I actually enjoyed that edgy parts that focused on age appropriate issues that Harry Moon encounters in his life, because it seemed real, not a sugar coated book where everything is perfect and life is great. Look forward to getting my son more in this series.
Book Lover, Amazon Reviewer
In this amazing story, Harry’s adventures show me a boy who doesn’t give up even when he is bullied. He remembers to do good only to there’s which I think is a very important rule to have in one’s life. At times, I found myself being upset, yet the next moment smiling. I found this story of Harry Moon a delight to read.
Mahaffey, Amazon Reviewer
Mark Twain would fall in love with Harry Moon!Harry Moon absolutely floored me. There are so many levels to Wand Paper Scissors that I'm still thinking about it. This is the type of character (and dare I say virtue) driven storytelling that harkens back to the classics of my childhood. Mark Twain would surely be impressed. I wish Harry had been around while I was growing up, but now at age 60, perhaps I can have a second shot at getting things right. These little "children's" books are literature.

Sachne, Amazon Reviewer


“Every single Harry Moon and Honey Moon book is checked out! Kids can’t get enough of them! Amazing!
Emily Schif, Learning Media Director
Chauncey H. Duker School, McHenry, Illinois
"Incredibly creative series to help kids actually contemplate. think...
Incredibly creative series to help kids actually contemplate, think and imagine. Chronicles of Narnia comes to mind. I'm excited to use this series for our upcoming Book Club." 
Placeholder, Amazon Reviewer
I am not a reader, but I am a teacher so when I heard about a new series of books destined to be the next big thing to rock the lives of our young people, I felt compelled to give up a few hours of my enchanted retired life to sit down and pay attention to the world of Harry Moon. I’m glad I did. Harry’s hometown, Sleepy Hollow, reminds me of the little northern burg where I grew up, but I never had to deal with the likes of Titus Kilgore. The message to all is “Do No Evil” and by the end of the book, I wanted my very own t-shirt! Grab hold of Wand-Paper-Scissors and enjoy the magical journey.
Kathleen, Teacher and Amazon Reviewer
"Good Mischief" with Harry Moon!
Just like another famous young Harry, this Harry has to grapple with bullies, doing the right thing and being chosen to fight darkness. A lot of mysterious events focus on “the goodness in all of us” that Harry seeks to find, even in his worst bully/tormentor, Titus Kilgore. Harry deals with all the usual stresses of a typical eighth grader while coming to terms with some unusual forces and trying to stay true to himself and seek goodness where he can. He tries to live up to the motto, “Do No Evil” as he faces the increasingly mysterious events of Sleepy Hollow and tries to stay true to himself and his “true magic”. The most magical thing of all? He might possibly create peace with his one true bully. The reader will have to read on to see more of the journey of young Harry Moon in his next adventure.  Oh, and any book that has character names like Honey Moon (Harry’s sister) is a book that is filled with confidence and a belief that everyone, like Harry, should plan on only doing “good mischief” in the future. I’m sure Harry will have many more “good mischief” adventures in the further tales of Harry Moon.
Ann Burke, Children's Librarian 
Our Choice for after school reading program.  I've been reading books to include in a new after school reading program in my community. HARRY MOON Wand Paper Scissors is my favorite so far. First of all, it's just a beautiful book - I love the size, the print type and the illustrations (they are just Great!). But most importantly, it is an intelligent and accessible read - not patronizing or preachy but getting its themes about bullying, family, honesty and even forgiveness across in such a "Magical" and entertaining way. I'm sure we'll be adding the rest of the series to our library as well.
Kit Powell, Teacher and Amazon Reviewer


"Wonderfully magic and adventurous. Harry Moon is exactly the kind of character parents want their children to read about."
"These books are perfect read from Elementary into Middle School with relatable, funny characters and storylines with heart and valuable lessons."
Harry’s adventures remind me of Diary of a Wimpy kid except this story...opens up dialogue between parents and children that is important as....he faces hard things in school and life. That’s a win-win for everyone. I look forward to reading the next installment. 
Nora St. Laurent
You know how much I love Harry Moon books, these books have such a positive message for young kids. Your bookshelf needs more Harry Moon!"


The Harry Moon series artfully weaves complex topics into a wonderfully approachable story that explodes into a bright and completely unique fairy tale adventure. Bravo!
Julie Baker Finck, PH.D., President
Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation


Children with executive function problems, which includes dyslexia, post-concussion trauma, ADHD, sensory processing, high functioning autism and practically any neurodiverse child will find Harry Moon irresistible, a dream for children with working memory issues. If they forget something, they can easily find it for reading comprehension. Harry Moon is just a huge win-win.
Lisa Baye Kaye, Dyslexia Inspired
We LOVED this book!! Could not put it down!! My son is 11 and dyslexic!! Thank you for keeping him interested!!! Can't wait to go to the next!!!! Awesome book!!!!!
Momdadof3, Amazon Reviewer


“I’m a grandpa and Harry Moon is a throw-back to the old days when kids took on wrong and wrestled it to the ground. My grandkids are getting every book.”
Mark Janes, English and Drama teacher, Grandfather
Harry Moon rules! :)
I love everything about this book! =:)
My grandson Calvin can't wait to go on more adventures with Harry Moon and he thinks Harry's sister Honey is pretty cool too. I love that my grandson put the game controller down to read and I love that the author loves rabbits because I love rabbits too.
Maria S. Green, Amazon Reviewer