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Harry is wondering what his life would be like if he wasn’t so concerned with good vs. evil, if he lived in a normal town. He finds a mysterious note and sets out to solve the mystery with the help of his friends. The kids decide that the note could only have come from the mayor’s son, Titus Kligore.


Harry is on the case! He goes to the Sleepy Hollow newspaper office to investigate and learns that the paper is printed at Folly Farm by Kligore Printing. Harry visits Samson at the Magic Store tells him the note has something to do with the disappearing ink used to print the newspaper.


Sister Honey is with her friends trying to solve the mystery before Harry. They head to the library in search of clues—but Clarice had been eavesdropping. She plans to tell Titus that Harry and Honey and their friends are on to their father’s devious plans.


Honey and her friends are grilling Titus. Titus tells them that his father is planning to dump the ink into Scarlett Letter Lake. Harry uses his new levitation magic and a lot of goofiness begins to swirl about Sleepy Hollow.


Mary Moon watches her children head off toward the lake after dinner. Soon the trucks, driven by the Kligore hounds arrives. Honey gets into a scuffle with the driver. Harry lifts his magic wand but before he can say ABRACADABRA, the barrels roll toward the lake. Oh oh!