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Harry Moon's Horse of a Different Color (Short Story)


The Harry Moon Book Series presents Harry Moon Shorts. 

Shorts are a collection of Harry Moon and Honey Moon short stories; some as long as 12-pages and others as short as 4.   There are 11 in all, each in a PDF format and continuing the adventures of our reluctant hero, Harry Moon and his larger than life (in her own mind) little sister, Honey Moon.

Harry Moon's Horse of a Different Color

During last year's Sleepy Hallow Middle School Holiday celebration, all Harry wanted to do was make Honey’s voice solo on stage special. Instead, his magic miscue caused a blizzard of snow in the theater and a giant snowman to attack the school auditorium.  

Mayor Kligore was practically laughing at Harry's punishment:  “And so, Mr. Harold Moon, for your despicable crime of using your magical skills in a way that brought danger to our wonderful and sweet little town, I hereby sentence you to two full weeks of community service directed by the Office of the Mayor, me.” 

Ugg...thought Harry.  But how bad could it be?  Little did Harry know...

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