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Harry Moon's Great, Big, Ginormous Mistake (Short Story)


The Harry Moon Book Series presents Harry Moon Shorts. 

Shorts are a collection of Harry Moon and Honey Moon short stories; some as long as 12-pages and others as short as 4.   There are 11 in all, each in a PDF format and continuing the adventures of our reluctant hero, Harry Moon and his larger than life (in her own mind) little sister, Honey Moon.

Harry Moon's Great Mistake, Big, Ginormous Mistake

Harry Moon spent the entire afternoon at Samson’s Magic Shoppe perfecting a new magic trick. Harry was gearing up to perform at the Sleepy Hollow Middle School’s Winter Holiday Extravaganza in a few days. His sister, Honey, would be singing in the choir. This year she had a solo and Harry had come up with a trick that would make her performance even better. It involved, of course, a little magic.  What could go wrong?



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