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Honey Moon's Recycling Resolution Revolution (Short Story)


The Harry Moon Book Series presents Harry Moon Shorts. 

Shorts are a collection of Harry Moon and Honey Moon short stories; some as long as 12-pages and others as short as 4.   There are 11 in all, each in a PDF format and continuing the adventures of our reluctant hero, Harry Moon and his larger than life (in her own mind) little sister, Honey Moon.

Harry Moon's Never Go Alone!

It was a happy new year in Sleepy Hollow. Like most towns around the globe, Sleepy Hollow, Massachusetts ushered in the new year with lots of noise and lots of joy. Well, joy for Sleepy Hollow, anyway. When everything about your town smacks of Halloween
day in and day out, it’s hard to get too excited about any holiday. Still, New Year’s Day was special even in Sleepy Hollow. The children went outside and banged pots and pans. Even Harry Moon set off magical Happy New Year fireworks, under the adult supervision of his mentor and friend, Samson Dupree

In all the noisy celebration, there was one person who did not enjoy festivities and was none too excited about all the happiness. That person was Mayor Maximus Kligore.  “Bah!” Kligore shouted. “This is something new. I can feel their horrible happiness in the air this year. There is something different. Something, um, awful,”.  The mayor turned toward the window again. He tapped his chin. He scratched his head. “Mmm. Maybe we make things even more difficult?” He rubbed his hands together and a smile most foul spread across his face. “Yes, I think that just may be possible...


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