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Halloween is for Heroes says Harry Moons Good Mischief Contest

Posted on October 25 2017

Four countries including USA, France, China, and Canada Reach Final Round

Our culture is in need of kindness and warmth. Mix that warmth and kindness with the humor, grace and irascibility that comes from the very young and something special emerges. ”
— Dan Redler, Emmy Award winning producer

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, October 25, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Proving that kindness matters, children from four countries have reached the final round of Harry Moon’s Good Mischief Contest. Good Mischief is described as a kindness that surprises. Over thirty children from four countries including China, France, and Canada have advanced to the voting round.

The young finalists have produced a one minute video of their act of Good Mischief. “The diversity is stunning,” said Steve Goerth of Rabbit Publishers, the publishing house behind the best-selling middle-school series, Harry Moon. “Daniel Melarango who, at an early age was challenged with a brain tumor, helped raise $22,000 dollars with his buddies for brain tumor research. Andrei Marti, from British Columbia, Canada is doing handstands to help fund diabetes research. Lou Ann Michel, from the seashore of Marseille, France is raising awareness about plastics being thrown into the ocean. I’ve gotten choked-up viewing the videos. If these kids are our future, I want to be a part of it.”

Voting will continue until Midnight PT on October 30, 2017. Both the boy and girl winner will be announced on Halloween night live at 6:30 pm ET from Paxton, Illinois by eleven-year old superfan, Caiden Riecks. Votes will be tallied from the Harry Moon website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

“Halloween contains a teachable lesson,” said Mark Andrew Poe, author of the Harry Moon series. “Kids cosplay (i.e. role play in costume) during this season. We have a lot of kids in these videos dressed in Harry Moon gear carrying out acts of kindness. A parent or caregiver has the opportunity to ask, guide, and prompt their child as to why they are wearing the costume they have chosen. Good Mischief offers another side to Halloween. Harry Moon says that Halloween is for heroes’. That is what the Good Mischief Contest is all about. Shining a light on the hearts of this new generation during the Halloween season.”

The boy and girl winner will be flown with a parent to Baltimore where they will tour the famous Geppi Entertainment Museum which is filled with memorabilia of American superheroes from Batman, Superman, and Ironman.

Andrea Diehl, a mother from Indiana says her daughter, Charlotte used her special talents to provide her brother with a handmade puppet . “We all have become saturated with the news of our times. This is a great way for families to bond on something positive. Char and I had a great time working on the video. I had never used iMovie before. It was a great deal of fun for the both of us.”

Former Production President of Walt Disney Studios, David Paul Kirkpatrick, volunteered to be a coach for Harry Moon’s Good Mischief Contest. “It has been an honor to be helping the kids and their families. It’s inspiring to witness parents guiding their kids. They guide gently but don’t usurp the child’s vision. One mom, Kim Burns, sat with her son, Caleb, for three hours while she ran through “ding” sounds for Caleb until he found just the right aural effect for his character’s Eureka moment. Every family in this contest is a winner, because they experienced together the birth of an idea that came from a child. ”

As a result of finding a Facebook post about the contest, Emmy-award winner producer, Dan Redler, optioned the rights to the contest for a television special or series. “Our culture is in need of kindness and warmth,” said Redler. “Mix that warmth and kindness with the humor, grace and irascibility that comes from the very young and something special emerges.”

Voting will continue until October 30th on all social platforms. The Good Mischief winners will be announced and broadcast live on Facebook from the Harry Moon facebook page on Halloween Night, October 31, 2017 at 6:30 ET.

Steve Goerth

Harry Moon Books

Original Article: http://www.kmir.com/story/36680699/halloween-is-for-heroes-says-harry-moons-good-mischief-contest

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