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Harry Moon Day is August 15th in Shipshewana, Indiana

Posted on August 20 2017

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Aug. 10, 2017
On August 15th, the moon will rise over the small town of Shipshewana, Indiana. From sun up to sun down, August 15 th will be Harry Moon Day. Shipshewana is the location of the J Farvers Bookstore which, over the last year has sold the most copies of the acclaimed Harry and Honey Moon Book Series from Rabbit Publishers.

The Third Grade at Westview Elementary school will enjoy a visit from Harry Moon and Honey Moon authors, Mark Andrew Poe and Sofi Benitez, who will talk to the students about the power of imagination and storytelling. Mark Andrew Poe is the creator of the Harry Moon book series and the author of Wand-Paper-Scissors. Sofi Benitez is the author of Dog Daze, Honey Moon's latest novel. The authors will be signing their new books at both J Farvers Bookstore in the morning and Glow Bookstore in the afternoon. . Both books have a publication date of August 15, 2017. The series is distributed in the US by Diamond Distributors and Anchor Distributors.

In honor of Harry Moon Day, Harry Moon Pies will be available at the bakeries in the iconic open air market. A Shipshewana youth will be at the market dressed as the character of Harry Moon in his red magician's cape, his Do-No-Evil T-shirt, his magic wand, and his running shoes. The famous Shipshewana market boasts something for everyone including fresh farm produce, baked goods, crafts, clothes, antiques, games, books, toys, and dolls.

Because of the record sales at J Farvers, Rabbit Publishers will be presenting Mark and Bridget Griffin, the proprietors of the J Farvers Bookstore, with the first Rabbit Award of Excellence

The tourism town of Shipshewana , affirming over one and a half million tourists a year, is well known as the "Town of Character". It is also the town motto. The book series has garnished a reputation for "building character for middle grade boys and girls." This past spring, the Westview Elementary School held a Harry Moon Readingday. Author, Mark Andrew Poe was invited to speak to the students about individual heroism in a challenging and complex world.

"The Harry Moon and Honey Moon Series has been a wonderful presence in our store and our community," Mark Griffin of J Farvers Bookstore said. "We are a small Midwestern town with a big heart. I am glad that the community has come together to honor this inspiring young magician."

"We are delighted to be working with Mark and Bridget Griffin." Thom Black said, co-founder of Rabbit Publishers. "No one deserves the first Rabbit Award of Excellence more than the J Farvers Bookstore. We are really looking forward to Harry Moon Day."

For more information, please contact Steve Goerth at steve@harrymoon.org


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