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jBloom Design and Harry Moon Bring Home Stories That Matter

Posted on November 13 2017

Market Leader in Home Jewelry and Middle-Grade Childrens Book Series Form Alliance

We are thrilled to put our love into this wonderful line of children’s jewelry.”
— Jennifer Bonacorsi, President of jBloom

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, November 2, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- jBloom and Harry Moon announced a strategic partnership to deliver the value-based children’s series into homes across America. jBloom is a market leader in the personalization of jewelry, facilitating the home businesses of more than 1500 of its Designers. The best-selling Harry Moon and Honey Moon series is generally regarded as one of the most popular character-building kid’s series in print.

“jBloom champions the core values that shape the lives of successful women,” said President Jennifer Bonacorsi. “Our Designers go into a hostess home every month showcasing versatile and personalized jewelry. The best-selling Harry Moon and Honey Moon series provide another life-changing resource in the jBloom treasure chest.”

jBloom Designers will offer Harry Moon and Honey Moon personalized jewelry along with special book bundles for purchase. “We love Harry Moon's message of 'Good Mischief' and 'Do No Evil’," said Bonacorsi. "Honey Moon’s 'Be Brave' is perfect for young readers. We are thrilled to put our love into this wonderful line of children’s jewelry."

The popular book franchise has been searching for an alliance into the home market for more than a year. “We are delighted to broaden our reach into the home with tween jewelry from jBloom,” said Rabbit Publisher’s Steve Goerth. “It is important that our young readers are able to wear what they are reading. The world needs heroes. For us, it is a magic fit.”

The Harry Moon and Honey Moon books, featuring the line of Harry Moon and Honey Moon jewelry, will now be available through the 1500 jBloom Designers beginning this fall.

The Harry Moon and Honey Moon books are available through Barnes & Noble, independent book stores and through Amazon. jBloom will be also be featuring the two latest color editions, Harry’s Christmas Carol and Scary Little Christmas just released.

For more information, please contact Steve Goerth at: steve@harrymoon.org

Original Story: http://www.einpresswire.com/article/412869765/jbloom-design-and-harry-moon-bring-home-stories-that-matter

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